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Having been involved in the local growing all my working life, I decided to set up some allotments in St. Martins, which l hoped would encourage more sustainability of local produce. This proved to be popular and now there are other allotment areas in several parishes to.

I have also been involved in the Farmers Markets, which have grown in popularity and have increased from eight stalls each fortnight to now over forty each week over several markets.

A bit about me.

I come from a family of farming and growing. When l left school in the late 60s, l joined the family growing business with my father and brother.

During the 70’s we grew a range of fruit and vegetables, both outside and in vineries. These were supplied to the Guernsey market, shops, hotels, restaurant, local wholesalers as well as being exported.

It was not until the late 70’s that Supermarkets, came along and we started selling to them. This was until we stopped growing and wholesaling in 2003.

Can we be self sufficient?

The period from the 60’s to mid 80’s was when Guernsey was seasonally totally self sufficient, and additionally exporting large quantities of local produce.

Today we are importing large amounts of produce from around the world and some say we cannot be more self sufficient again – I do not agree with that!