Eating out comments


I am starting a web page on my it is for those who go out to eat and wish to comment on the food they eat at local food establishments.

If you want to send me details of the experience you have had when dining out, please do so and I will put it on my site.
I believe it is important for the management and staff to be able to tell what they are serving to you and whether it has some fresh local content.
The events staged by “The Taste of Guernsey” and its aims are as follows:
Our mission. To develop and promote activities which result in the provision of a high quality and value for money eating out experience in Guernsey.
Our Aims
To enrich the ‘food experience’ in Guernsey for visitors and locals alike.
To bridge the gap between local food suppliers, passionate individuals in the food service industry & the public at large
To reward, by recognition those that, consistently strive to produce top class produce, food and or service.

 What I would suggest you look and ask for different things in fine dining rather than the less expensive pub grub.
You can mark poor, good, very good or excellent
1/When you send comments name: of restaurant, pub, café or other eating place-put different date- use pseudonym.
2/When I arrive to fine dining, I expect to sit down with friends, have drinks, view and discuss menu with waiter before going to table. This is when I ask about what local content in the menu. When I have a steak I expect to have local or British.
3/When shown to table what is the ambiance of the place, seating arrangement (not to crowded), chairs comfy, table and settings to your liking.
4/ Quality of food, service before, during and after meal?
5/ Were you happy to pay for what you had?

You can use this guide or put it into your own words and send to so I can put on my website:
I reserve the right to edit comments