Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Cakes at Catel Market

Surfers Cake

Sheila’s Cakes and Bakes. A range of cakes and sweet pies can be bought at the Castel Farmer’s Market. A few in the range that I bake are :- delicious date, apple and walnut cake, summer fruit pies and crumbles, Victoria sponges

Personalised sponge cakes for that special occasion are also available from my range, ‘photo on a cake’ or just simply iced.
Please contact me for further details on or tel. 01481265124

Chutneys and Jams

Produced primarily

Birthday Cake for order

for the farmer’s markets I use as much local produce as is available


when making my batches of delicious chutneys and Jams.
Yummy Plummy Chutney, eve r popular Red Onion Marmalade and more, all these are fabulous with cheeses and meats.
My selection of jams include, strawberry, blackberry and apple and orange marmalade.