A Life in the Growing Lane


Ruth & Auntie Ivy (left) Mother Ethel ( right)

I was born on the 21st April 1950 at Clovelly Villas, Rue Maize, in the parish of St Martin. It was the same day as the 34 th birthday of Queen Elizabeth 2 of England
My father was Clifford Lewis Gorvel, a grower and Ruth Mary Gorvel nee Leadbeater (housewife). I was the latest addition, a second son and third child of the family.
The house Clovelly Villas was were my father and mother had first rented in 1946 and then 3 years later forced by need to buy.

Big cabbage for large family

Dad, Me and Victor ready for Market

They had lived in a house that was called Mountain Ash, (later Yeamans the Chemist) opposite the St.Martin Rectory from 1942.My father had during the occupation in 1940 lived there, with his brother Ernest. The property was

Me at 4 Years old

owned by Jacque Le Clare, who had been in business selling coffee, with my Uncle Ernest. He also owned the Merriens Hotel and fields behind, which is now called the St.Martins Hotel. These fields where farmed by my father before and after the occupation. The reason why they were living there, and not Jacque Le Clare, was that he had been arrested for selling coffee and deported to Germany. My Uncle had been very lucky, as he always was, and was not caught, Jacques parting words were, look after the place while l’m away.
I had an older brother Barry born October 10th 1945? a sister Rosemary born July 6th 1947 and still one sister to arrive called Gillian.Uncle CyrilleUncle CyrilMum
I was born into a very large family, with my father having 10 ( Roger, Doris, Violet, Frank, Selina, Cyrille, Irene, Clifford, Ernest, Molly and Brabara)

My mothers brothers and sisters and my mother being identical twin were nine in total.My mother had married my father, in 1942, while all of her family, apartfrom her twin at been evacuated, to an auntie in Devises. My grandparentson my father’s side where from Jersey and some of his brothers and sisters, were born there so they spent the war years in our sister Island

Planting Lettuce ( summer1980)

 Golden Guernsey goats, chickens bantams and capons. He also grew vegetables and sold them on his hawkers round at night.

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Planting Lettuce ( summer1980)