Gorvel’s Allotments

After 40 years of growing for a living, for various reasons, l wanted a change. I had the idea to use one of my fields for allotments.

These allotments are in the centre of the lovely floral parish of St. Martin and were established in March 2006.


Since 1946, the field has witnessed many changes in growing.

Over the years it has served several purposes:

  • as a smallholding for farming pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and hens
  • for growing  fruit, vegetables, outdoor tomatoes and pick your own strawberries


The allotments are available for rent to individuals to grow fruit and vegetables for themselves and families. Please contact me to check on availability.

The allotments offer the following:

  • fresh water supply from a 180ft borehole
  • parking available on site
  • size- approximately  180sq ft

It has become a small community, where everyone helps and advises each other. When there are surpluses, lots of old fashioned bartering goes on.

When the allotments were opened in 2006, the first person to rent a vegetable area was a nurse, Jennie Fenton. Her knowledge of growing was limited, but after 5 years her impressive crops show what can be achieved.

Everyone has green fingers and you can all grow a cabbage, but the more experience you get, the bigger it grows.

Allotment Rules

Please read carefully
1/ I will check all the allotments every six months and ask those with seeded weeds to cut them down. This is for the benefit of all of you. If plots are not kept clean, you will be asked to leave. (4/a applies)
2/After finishing watering, can you please turn off the tap at the mains? This is the tap nearest the shop. It will also stop any problem with flooding of allotments.
3/ a.Can all the rubbish to be taken away, (plastic bags, paper bags, tins, etc.).
3/b. No rubbish is to be left in large tank near shop, as neighbouring house owners have complained of bags and rubbish, flying into their property. I will check this at the inspection every 3 months.
3/c. I will also check allotments for over grown weeds and inform you to clear them. If this is not done within 7 days l will cut them myself and charge you.
4/a. If the plot is vacated it must be cleared and tidied up, as when you first receive it.
4/b. If you are giving up your plot, can you please inform me as there is a waiting list?
5/ If you are considering putting up a shed or greenhouse, please ask me. The Environment Planning Laws do not allow sheds on agricultural land.
6/ If you are bordering a hedge, can you keep it clean, also your area of path. This will help to stop, any infestation of rabbits.
7/ I have a small renovator to, so if you need any done contact me.
8/ All access paths must be kept clear for the use of everybody.
9/ If you wish to have any compost, wood chippings, etc. delivered. Please ask me first.
10/ There is to be no burning of individual bonfires as l have agreed this with my neighbours. I may have to burn the occasional rubbish onsite myself.

I agree to these rules and regulations
Name in block capitals……………………………………….

Signature ……………………………………….

David Gorvel ……………………………………….