My Manifesto 2012

About Me

I have been asked why I am standing as a States Deputy and what I have to offer? I have always had an interest in local politics having spent 15 years in various elected roles within the Forest Douzaine. I feel now is the time to put all that experience to good use as a States Deputy.
I have spent all my working life as an employer running a medium sized business so understand having to take responsibility and make difficult decisions. It has made me aware of having to weigh up all the options, the facts and figures before making those crucial decisions. 
I believe all the experience I have gained in all those years in business and in the Douzaine can be put to good use for the benefit of the people of Guernsey. If elected I would be totally dedicated and give my full commitment to the role.

Western Parish Deputies Election

Forest, St Pierre du Bois, Torteval & St Saviours

Vote X for David Gorvel on Wednesday 18th April 2012

If elected

  • I will be a committed full time Deputy.
  • I will be able to pull on my experiences from being a self-employed businessman.
  • To use common sense in decision making.
  • To consult and listen to the general public when making decisions.
  • To prioritise States spending to achieve greater flexibility and accountability.
  • To work towards solutions to tighten control on States Departments making them more effective and cost efficient.
  • To work towards more affordable housing for young people.
  • To maintain and build on the existing health, education and social services.
  • To support senior citizens and the lower paid when it is increasingly more difficult for them.
  • To continue to be more proactive in our approach to recycling and refuse disposal.
  • To protect our important rural environment.
  • To work towards finding a balance between controlling the population on the Island whilst supporting expansion within the business sectors represented on the Island.
  • Working towards a Island Wide Voting system.

States Decision Making

It is not “Good Governance” to keep having badly presented reports, with a lack of factual information, resulting in them either being lost or won by 1 to 3 votes. This has sometime led to the wrong conclusions made and had to be debated again.

  • To consult all involved  (all stakeholders) before making reports.
  • To contain all relevant information to make the correct decision.
  • To consult more local people and use their expertise thus making the composition better and more cost effective.
  • Not to bring in expensive consultants unless really necessary.

Education is key to the future of our Island

        •  The Education Department should be pushing for more pre schools with private/public funded partnerships.

  • More crèches around the island are needed to enable more parents to work.
  • The States should continue to invest in the best ICT to equip pupils in the future, as this improves efficiency in many ways.
  • We should introduce a measure of LMS (Local Management of Schools) and possible the setting up of Governing Bodies to assist school leaders.
  • Special needs will always be expensive but is very good at providing “life skills” education opportunities.

What is the future for young Islanders in buying a home?

It is now difficult for this group to get on the property ladder needing five times their annual salary and a 25% deposit. Young people feel they will never be able to buy property on the Island where they live and contribute to.
 •  To look at the numbers of investors who are buying up first time buyers homes.
•   States Houses are kept empty for a long period for unnecessary costly refurbishment instead of letting out as seen.
•   Create a self build “Essential Need Zoning.”and use some old vinery sites that are not zoned for development but could be specially done under this category at a lower price per plot for first time buyers.

We have to do something about this problem as we all want and need these young Islanders to stay here.

The Environment

We now have a States approved Waste Strategy Scheme which aims to achieve 70% recycling. To meet this aim I feel the introduction of a system of tag and bag plus some form of kerbside collection is necessary. Any schemes to encourage less packaging should be supported. Buying local and growing your own produce is one way to help. Of the approx 14,000 tons, some of the selected food waste could be used by the growing number of smallholders to feed their animals and the rest for composting use on the land.

The Next four years

The Next four years are going to be difficult with an annual deficit of 35 million and we must make some cost cutting. We have to look at different ways of diversifying with a more broad based economy.

These are a few things to look at:

  • The States have a duty to ensure that the public sector is as lean and efficient as possible. Cutting the cost of public services rather than cutting public services should be an objective.
  • The joint collection of income tax and social security to reduce the cost of administration.
  • Do we need the expensive office of the OUR? This was done by States committees before at much less cost.
  • Look at a reduction in the number of Deputies to produce savings and the making of quicker decisions.
  • To look at closing the final salary pension scheme to NEW entrants.
  • To get the UK Reciprocal Health agreement back which both Jersey and the Isle of Man have done.
  • To use more local expertise when doing reports.
  • To look at ways of increasing tourism by helping to provide more needed accommodation. The French government helps with loans and have an equity share.
  • For States Departments to have more understanding towards small local business and the benefits, employment and services they provide.
  • To allow enough flexibility for the expansion of these small firms.
  • A review of all red tape and unnecessary legislation, though out the States, should be taken before anymore is brought in.

If you wish to know more on my views (General News, Letters to the Media, States and Douzaines) then these are available on my website

I can also be contacted by Telephone or Email.

Telephone : 265124
Email :

A vote for me is a vote for you.

I have the experience and dedication to represent the best interests of the Western Parishes and Guernsey.

I may not have all the answers to all our problems but I believe I can help work to achieve that goal.

Thanks to the Reverend Linda Le Vasseur and Denis Bienvenu.

My canvassing around the four Western Parishes Torteval
Of these Torteval is  the smallest, followed by Forest, St.Pierre du Bois and St. Saviour.
I was going to mail my manifestos and tried asked others if I could go in with them. The other candidates either mailed in groups of three or did it on their own and so I made the decision to walk all the western parishes door to door.
I believe it would have been more environmentally friendly and more cost effective if we had all put them in the same envelope.  Perhaps for future elections when we enrol on the register you should be able to tick for access to the web and all the manifestos could be put on line and those without access could have hard copies posted. All the candidates could then do the canvassing door to door which I personally think is escentual to met and know their feelings and views.
 I have started delivering my manifestos to all the houses in this district and have stated with the Forest which was called Trinity before the reformation and Henry v111.
I have finished my home parish and will start doing Torteval and St.Pierre du Bois together.
I went up to my 90 year old mum’s house and gave her chocolates, flowers and wished her happy for Mothers Day.
There were not many incidents to talk about on the route around and just walking the beautiful areas like Le Gouffre, Le Bigard, Le Variouf and Petit Bot is a real pleasure but I know from last time there is just as much to find in the three others parishes.
When down at Petit Bot I  stopped when  offered a cup of tea from the wife of an ex douzaine member I had served with a few years ago.
 He gave me my first good advise at reading a Billet ” look at the back of the proposals and See what is wanted first” and perhaps read the interesting ones first.
I also met some interesting parishioners and listened to their valued  points and comments but one dog in Forest Road that grabbed my manifesto from the letter box and crewed it up. He did not even read it to give me his comments but since it was a short dog I  put another one in but just half hanging out, so at least the owners could read it.
 I seem to be asked a lot of questions about my pigs I keep opposite my farm at Rue de La Roberge just above La Fond Du Val.
A La Perchoine.
Monday 19th March2012
Finished off the last stragglers in the Forest and went into the bad lands of St.Pierre du Bois. I kept to one of Baldric’s cunning plans using islands instead of the street guide and it has worked well so far. 
I will give fuller details of this plan after the election.
Some nice people were at home they invited me in for tea and question time.
They ranged from the lack of decision making, using so many outside consultants, schools, old town market toilets, bringing back the douzaine rep., being taxed more, (sales tax) cutting States expenses, incongruous houses and less Deputies. I will continue onwards and forward tomorrow, to try  canvass all of St.Pierre and into uncharted Torteval.
The legs may be a bit tied but the only injury so far is the scrape on the second finger from pushing manifestos though the letter box.
Tuesday 20th March 2012
Continued though though St Peter and Torteval and finding it is further between houses and keeping to my system of islands. walking though the Forest, I was posting as many as 200 manifestos per day but with the greater distance between the house I am down to 150.
I have now discovered that you scrape just above your second fore finger, when  it that putting the manifestos though the letter. I have had to put a plaster on it to stop this.
Wednesday 21 March 2012
I am still going though the same two parishes and when you see the sea views at Route des Lauren it does make it all worthwhile. You also meet some interesting people and listen to their views and worries about what going on at the moment. I met a few parishioners with extended families who have concerns on the job front. Also met two who at notice from april 19th from a local fulfilment company and with unemployment at the moment it will be difficult for them.
Thursday 22nd March 2012
I had sore feet and a few  acheing  from the last few days, doing canvassing from 9am to 4pm took its toll. So I had a easier day and went into St. Saviour to WoodlandsPark, Bas Courtil, Le Petit Bas Courtil, La Colline de Bas Courtil and La Route des Bas Courtil.
this was less walking to do with the house closer together gave my feet a little rest and having a warm bath each night also helps.
Friday 23rd March 2012
 Keeping to my plan of following the Airport perimeter and west side of the Plaisance to L’Eree road, I am now down to the top of the Pleinmont road and looking down at spectacular views.
A La Perchoine
Saturday 24th March 2012
I was  doing the Catel Market at Le Friquet  with my wife Sheila today, so did not do the Donkey Trek, but had the opportunity to catch up with emails and sending copies of manifestos to various groups tv and Radio  etc.
A La Perchoine
Sunday 24th March 2012
Went canvassing again to day and voters were saying they are going to spoil their ballot papers. I am against this and told them they must use their vote , it is important. I do like Ron Le Moigne, but he should not advise people to do this.
I do believe did get some to change their mind and have made notes of names to go back to, who were at the balance.
A La Perchoine.

The weather has been lovely for my walk and I have  taken some photos which I will be putting on when time permits. My main focas  is to get the manifestos to each door and convince them to vote for a commonsense Dave Gorvel.
Monday 26th March 2012
Still walking in the St Peters and Torteval parishes around the top of Rue de Laitte and Rue de Rougeval area. It is beautiful scenery and the weather is still very nice for March. I am meeting a large number of people and listening to different views and comments. Some of these are not repeatable and are best not said.
A La Perchoine
Tuesday 27th March 2012Still walking on around this part of Torteval and St Peter, there are a lot of houses here.
Wednesday 28th March 2012
I have moved across to Les Adams to do a little canvassing here. Had a stop off at Mrs.Ozard who is 95 years young and still has the enthusiasm and energy of someone 50 years younger. She is still driving and who would dare take her licence away, not me.
Thursday 29th March 2012
Met two people along Rocquaine who asked if they could give me all 6 votes. i said I would not mine myself, but sorry  not allowed. It occasions like this that make the sore feet and pain in the legs worthwhile and I will finish on a high.
A La Perchoine.
Friday 30th March 2012
 Finished off west of Route de  Plaisance  and L’Eree Road and moved to the other side into the small bit of St Peter. I have moved from the wild west into the more sedate St Saviour. What will I find and how will they take me, a number of parishioners still think I am a St. Martin boy, even though I have lived in the Forest for 27 years and have family connections there  for over 90 years.
A La Perchoine.