My life’s CV

May 8, 2017 at 12:32 pm. My life's CV.

Personal Profile

Born and brought up in Guernsey, I am passionate about the island and the wonderful way of life we have here. I have always taken a very keen interest in local politics resulting in me twice running for the position of States Deputy. Although unsuccessful on these occasions, I learnt a lot from the process and it has if anything, it has increased my enthusiasm for continuing to make a personal contribution to the people of Guernsey through my service on the Forest Douzaine.  I have been fortunate to serve the residents of the Forest Parish in a number of official capacities for over 20 years and I currently hold the office of Douzainier. I am now at a point in my life where I would like to apply all the experience I have gained from the running of a number of small commercial businesses enterprises, together with my service on the Forest Douzaine, into a new and exciting direction.

Summary of Business Experience

2005 to current – Owner and manager of 30 Allotments in St Martin’s Parish.
I see part of my responsibility in this venture to support and encourage those renting allotments and to generally promote ‘growing for self sufficiency ‘.

2010 to current – Taxi owner and Tour guide
I currently sit on the Taxi Federation Committee which meets with various States bodies such as Environment, the Home Department, Guernsey Harbours and Commerce & Employment.

2007 to current – Bailiwick of Guernsey Official Accredited Silver Guide.

I organise and conduct a variety of walks:
Famous people of the Forest includin, William Le Lacheur, Thomas De La Rue and Denys Corbet.
Scenic cliff routes around the island.
A vegetable tour around the four western parishes.
History of the “Commune De La Foret Partage”
Occupation history around the Forest.


1967 to 2005 – Family Market Garden Business (Director and Company Secretary)

The business involved growing fruit and vegetables for the local market as well as exporting to the other islands, UK mainland and France.

Tour of Vineries.

The family firm at its peak had a turnover of over £500,000 and employed 10 fulltime employees and up to 16 part-time.

1978 to 1886 – Small Hotel Business in Les Hubits, St Martin
My wife and I ran the hotel together and built up the business to the point where we were able to accommodate a maximum of 25 visitors at any one time.


Summary of Official Posts

Forest Douzaine Junior Procureur – 1995
Forest Douzaine Senior Procureur – 1996
Forest Douzaine Junior Constable – First Term 1997, Second Term 2009
Forest Douzaine Senior Constable – First Term 1998, Second Term 2010
Forest Douzaine Current Vice Dean
Current Forest Douzaine Representative at the Guernsey Douzaine Council and the Douzaine Liaison Group.
Tribunal Member for Parochial Appeal Tribunal Hearings and Decision Making
Ex Chairman of the Forest School Parochial Board – this involves liaising with the Education department and the principal of the school.
Chairman Forest Property Sub-Committee – liaison with States departments, Guernsey Disabled Alliance and others bodies.

Education and Training

I was educated at St Martin’s Primary School and completed my secondary education at Les Beaucamps. Rather than continue my education formally, I chose to leave school at the age of 17 after taking my examinations, to work in and later run the family market garden business with my father and brother.
Through the Worker’s Education Association I delivered training on how to grow seasonal vegetables as part of a comprehensive programme, for individuals wanting either to take up an allotment or grow vegetables in their gardens.
I have delivered talks on growing to various groups, including the WI, church groups and gardening clubs.
I have organised and run coach tours for up to 25 delegates on educational visits to large local commercial growers such as Terry Roberts, Langlois Brothers and Guernsey Mushrooms.

Family and Other Interests

I am married with two grown up children, two grand children and one great granddaughter and am kept very busy maintaining our 156 year old Farm House and gardens.

Denys Corbet Blue Heritage plaque on Farm

We also raise raises pigs for the local market and keep chickens for eggs for our own consumption.

I have developed my website to promote my allotment business but also to enhance the profile of local food and local businesses such as Peter Girard’s Golden Guernsey Goats, Ben Le Prevost’s Chocolates and Les Hechet Farm ice cream.


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