Do we need a Farmers Market

September 12, 2013 at 2:06 pm. Growing, Food, Entertainment and Places.

 When growing vegetables in the 60s,70s and 80s Guernsey was 90% self sufficient and we were exporting to Britain. In today’s terms it was worth 50 milion in local sales, with over 2,500 growers plus employee’s and millions in exports.

At present 90% of fruit and vegetable is sold though the large retailers with less than 1 % Guernsey produce and hardly any local meat is sold by them. The rest is sold by hedge veg., some small shops and self grown.

We need The Old Abattoir as a market, as Guernsey was promised an area in the Town Market for stall holders before it was given away or leased?

  • We need to put local produce under the Fare-trade banner, so States Department’s will use it. Would it not be nice at States functions too have all local vegetable, fruit, meat and fish served up.
  • We need a market to be open at least 4 days a week as the market days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Saturdays Farmers markets are good but limited and do not serve this purpose.
  • It would help to stop the 40% waste that goes into Mont Cuet because of the insistence of the large retailers of quality, size, colour, shape, price and continuation. To keep continuation the retailers have to import from around the world with all the problems associated with this but in my day we eat seasonally and any waste was rotovated back as fertiliser into the ground for the next crop. No need to fill up Mont Cuet.
  • It would also keep the cost of food down as markets prices are cheaper and you could buy local as opposed to some non local items not properly packaged as imported.
  • It would be a regular market for Hotels, restaurants, cafes etc. to be able to buy local to fulfil some of the aims of “Taste of Guernsey.”
  • We need a building like the old abattoir, so groups like the Young Farmers (40 to 50 members), small growers and producers can sell to the public. In the case of meat producers they need somewhere to cut up and process different cuts of meat, sausages, hams pates etc. We take the animals to market on Mondays, cut up meat on Wednesday and anything left goes into the freezer. A proper market would allow this frozen produce to be sold as well and it would also encourage more people to produce.
  • It this time of shortage of revenue we have a 50 million food industry, a share of less than 10% and every 2% increase would be worth 1 million to the Island.
  • The old abattoir could have a cafe area using local produce to showcasing its quality and freshness, shops like other markets (look at the Swansea market on TV) and a museum too  the unique history of growing in Guernsey.
  • Visitors first question when they arrive in Guernsey, where is the market and La Bonne Francais just cannot understand why we have none?
    You can only say go to Jersey they have more sense and have kept theirs.

Taste of Guernsey Aims:

To enrich the ‘food experience’ in Guernsey for visitors and locals alike. To bridge the gap between local food suppliers, passionate individuals in the food service industry & the public at large. To reward, by recognition

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