Websites of Forest Floral Group, St Pierre Du Bois & otherss

October 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm. Growing.

 The first website is of Floral Guensey and the rest are the parishes that have one.
The Forest is where I live and am a Douzaine member (local councils) and St. Martin is where I was born.

Floral Guernsey 


Forest Floral Group 


St Pierre Du Bois Floral Guernsey – St Peters Guernsey 


St Saviours | Floral St Saviour

Floral Guernsey – About St Andrews Parish 


Contacts – Constables 

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The Floral Committee is part of the St. Martin’s Douzaine and so the first point of contact is: The Constables’ Office, La Grande Rue, St. Martin, Guernsey. GY4 6LQ Tel:… The Parish Hall and Front Gardens The Floral Committee is North Esplanade St. Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2LQ Website: