Is Brittish Pork better than Local?

January 28, 2012 at 3:01 pm. Letters to Media.

I was in St. Sampson and on the bridge yesterday and went into a local butchers shop?
I mentioned that I was sending one of my free range pigs to market and was he interested in buying it to sell in the shop.
He said he  paid the same price per pound ( £1.39p per pound) for local or Brittish pork, as they were the same quality.
My reply was to say local was naturally raised in ideal conditions and not factory raised like the 98% sold in Brittain.
It was also I beleive better to use local as the travelling miles and stress to the animal was much less than bringing it across.
It is a butcher, I will not be using anymore and he should take some advise from Jason Hamon from the Forest Stores.
This is a Butcher with a capital who know is meat and would not have made these stupid comments.
The meat may be cheaper with the intensive farming in Brittain, but my opinion is, better and heathier to eat local.