Finest Veg Bus Tours

November 3, 2011 at 7:16 pm. Tours.
( Sunday July 17th 2011 from 10.30am to 3.00pm)
This is a tour, which only takes place every three years, so do not miss it.
 Taking a peek behind closed doors of the Island’s premier grower’s, with Dave Gorvel your guide of 45 years experience of this industry.Guernsey on countless journeys on & off the island, I had distinctly got the impression that the growing industry had curled up it’s leaves & died a sad , but quiet death. Fortunately a few hours in the company of the irrepressible Dave Gorvel put me right.There are still a handful of very successful enterprises out there that are producing fine products in spite of all the odds stacked against them.
Fletchers Freesias are one of only 6 growers left they use all theirs for postal boxes and have a shop down at Oakland’s
You will see Guernsey Freesias, Strawberries, herbes, mushrooms, toms, cues, coffee and more.
Local growers will talk you though all the up and downs of  growing and selling.Flectchers Freesias are one of only 6 producers left growing this iconic flower, which makes Guernsey so well knownen. It was part of the 45 acres of vineries in the production of toms, iris, cues, grapes, roses etc.
Fletchers freesias Fletchers freesias 
 Guernsey mushrooms is run by Wayne Billen and son Danny. He started working for them and then became owner. Guernsey mushrooms grow over 240 tons of mushroom for the local market and also export to Jersey.It is nice to know that Jersey people are tucking into something that tastes so good.See below.MushroomsMushroomsMushroomsFlat Mushrooms





This is the vinery of the Langlois Brothers at Rue Des heches, St. Pierre Du Bois. They grow peppers, aurbergine and cherry toms for the local market and Sainsbury Supermermarket in Brittain.





    This is where Beans 14 operates  from and blends coffeee beans from South America and Africa,an 14 opera countries. you will find their coffees in local shops, hotels and restruants.See above.

 Fresh Guernsey herbs who grow over 20 acres of glass and do 40 different herbes and mixtures. They sell over 2.5 tons per week and of that 85% is exported and 15% is sold locally. See below.





Mick Bourgaise started the Strawberry Farm at St Saviour in 1970 and still continues to grow them. He now grows near Meladonia and also grows vegetables and fruit for himself.

Ben Pirouets Srawberries

Onions grown By Mick

Srawberries growing







I am talking to the group on my tour about the growing of different vegetables inside and outside








This is the vinery of T.G. Robert and he has been growing fruit and vegetables since he left school. He now produces on over 150 vergees and supplys Co. Op. and other shops and wholesalers.
He many grows outside but does a varity of inside produce.