October 24, 2011 at 3:06 pm. States & Douzaine.

Well done Dave for voicing your opinions. The States have steamrollered the airport plans forward, despite vocal public opposition, on top of their failure over the proposed incinerator, as if to ‘save face’.
As someone who lives directly under the flightpath, I for one do not want any bigger aircraft coming into Guernsey, which would be inevitable should the runway be extended.
Thankyou for standing up for my rights.

We write to express our concerns at the recent submission to your department for the use of La Villiaze Vinery as a site to be used to house temporary labour for the proposed works on the airport.

The area identified sits within the Rural Area Plan (RAP) immediately adjacent to areas identified as areas of High Landscape Quality. The RAP Written Statement makes the point;

Non-designated areas

The remainder of the Plan carries no specific designation and is left white on the Proposals Map. The emphasis within these parts of the Plan will be on maintaining and enhancing the openness of the countryside and on safeguarding areas of agricultural land.

The policies of the Plan make provision for some limited forms of development in these areas, primarily through redevelopment and conversion works

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