October 24, 2011 at 2:51 pm. States & Douzaine.

AJ Rowles David Gorvel
Department of Planning Control Services La Roberge Farm
Environment Department Rue De La Roberge
Sir Charles Frossard House Forest
PO Box 43 GY4 0JL
La Charroterie
St Peter Port
24th Oct. 2011

Your Ref : FULL/2011/2936 Prop Ref : H001310000-P02
Temporary site at La Villiaze Vineries for the accommodation of workers for the airport pavements rehabilitation works

Dear Sir,
I am putting in my objection to this application after attending the Open Planning Meeting on ref:FULL/2011/2936 and seeing I believe less than a transparent decision.
In spite of this I will make my objection to support the Douzaine and the 2,500 parishioners who been given an unfair hearing so far in most people’s opinion and mine.

Is RAP going too adhered to or it will be left in the cupboard again for this one.
Also the owner of this site has I believe already been fined for two contraventions of the planning law at Oakland’s Vinery.

Has the Sandpiper Vinery on Plaisance, St. Peters been coincided for any use in this project, so as the 2 years of hell for the Forest is at least more honestly shared?

Why did Fizpatrick who also tendered for this project with Hotels for accommodation for workers, so putting some money back into the economy?
How can Lagan win the tender not even knowing where they are going to house workers, before hand? It looks very odd to me.

Forest Douzaine Objections
• Close proximity to two schools; the Forest Primary School and Le Rondin Special Needs School
• Close proximity to The Mallard Cinema which is an attraction to children of all ages
• Close proximity to a public house, namely the Venture Inn
• No pavement immediately outside the entrance/exit to the proposed site
• Narrow road
• Poor street lighting
• Inadequate criminal checks on workers to be accommodated at the site
• 150 men (as many as four to each Portakabin) with the potential for all sorts of trouble
• Contrary to the current Rural Area Plan
• Extra staff traffic could be a danger to school children (and parents) crossing to the school.
Also a children’s Play school at Forest Unite Church and very serious consideration should be taken off these and not simply put though for expedience.
All these objections concern me as a father and grandfather and if you are in the same circumstances please consider the consequences very closely at these very real concerns.
I leave it to you to treat the Forest Parish fairly and give them an open, honest and transparent decision.
Yours faithfully

David Gorvel

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