Little Information

October 24, 2011 at 3:09 pm. States & Douzaine.

I make these comments which are it is based on fact and you can make your own conclusions
“Torteval which has little impact from this or the project as a whole, St Saviours just a bit more, St Pierre Du Bois quite more impact, Forest a possible 70% will be here) and St.Martins which is the south East district, escorted lorries bringing supplies, portecabins and empty lorriest going back to Longue Hougue.”

The other facts and concerns are, the Western Parishes have six Deputies, five living in St. Pierre du Bois, with four being douzaine menbers of this parish, Torteval have none, St Saviours none, Forest with the biggest impact has Invrioment Dept. Minister Peter Sirret living in the parish(I believe) compromised.

If I was faced with this same dilemma ( I believe Peter is not standing again), I personaly would have(even if restanding) along time ago stepped down and fought on behalf of my parish in this hugely Invriomently impacting project.

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