Forest Rectory

October 24, 2011 at 3:17 pm. States & Douzaine.

By Senior Constable David Gorvel, Nigel Brennan ( Nigel Brennan & Co Estate Agent & Valuer) and Geoff Brouard.

As the Forest Rectory is now up for leasing again after 10 years,
I sought advice from the Dean, and other members of the Douzaine.
It was decided the best course of action, was to have a look inside the Rectory with Nigel Brennan a local estate agent and valuer.
I arranged with Mr. Mark Blower to visit the place on Wednesday 20th October.
Mark Blower the tenant for the last 10 years kindly showed us around and was very help full in explaining, what building work at been done in those years. All this work as said by the tenant was done to the quinquennial surveys and supervised by Lovell & Ozanne.
The builder was F.W.Watson, plumbing Leale & Miller and electrics Queripel.
We started in the garden and also visited all three floors and every room of the house.
We also looked in the fellowship hall and the storage below and the garage.
The summary from Nigel Brennan from this inspection and information readily and honestly given from Mark Blower was as follows.
• There has been about £120,000 spent on it, including Mr. Blowers own labour.
• The electrics are on the surface and not channelled in.
• The two chimneys have not been taken down to the roof (as the quinquennial said) and lined with lead, before rebuilding. This allows the damp to ingress into the attic walls.
• A number of the windows have been sealed by paint and cannot be opened.
• There is no cesspit and it is we believe not main drain and the survey makes, no note of this.
• Most of the original floor boards are still there, but are sound.
• The asbestos tiled roof has not been replaced, but is in good condition.

Nigel Brennan opinion was the repairs to the Rectory were done in a workmanlike manner and is in a good condition.
He said in the area it is situated and the size of the house, it is one of best he has seen.

It has a TRP of 625 and in its present good condition, could be leased for a minimum £3,000 per month, £36,000 per annum.
The TRP is the largest he has seen and it could be leased to anyone.

If it went up for sale as it stands, he would put it on the market for 1.4 million and he believes it would not be a problem to sell.
He said the least we could get is 1.2 million.

His advice also was to check that it was adequately insured, as it was such a valuable building.

We must also whatever decisions we make, to take note of the forthcoming PERC.
Also we should consider the possible, Plurality with the other western parishes.

David Gorvel

Senior Constable

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