Objection to Plumley Accomodation

October 21, 2011 at 7:21 pm. States & Douzaine.

18th October 2011

AJ Rowles
Department of Planning Control Services
Environment Department
Sir Charles Frossard House
PO Box 43
La Charroterie
St Peter Port

Dear Sir,

Your Ref : FULL/2011/2936 Prop Ref : H001310000-P02
Temporary site at La Villiaze Vineries for the accommodation of workers for the airport pavements rehabilitation works

Further to your letter dated 28th September 2011 inviting comments in respect of the above mentioned application the Forest Douzaine convened an Extraordinary Meeting to consider the proposal and to consider the many comments both written and verbal received from Forest Parishioners.

At the meeting it was decided that we should write formally objecting to the proposal for the following reasons:-

• Close proximity to two schools; the Forest Primary School and Le Rondin Special Needs School
• Close proximity to The Mallard Cinema which is an attraction to children of all ages
• Close proximity to a public house, namely the Venture Inn
• No pavement immediately outside the entrance/exit to the proposed site
• Narrow road
• Poor street lighting
• Inadequate criminal checks on workers to be accommodated at the site
• 150 men (as many as four to each Portakabin) with the potential for all sorts of trouble
• Contrary to the current Rural Area Plan
• Extra staff traffic could be a danger to school children (and parents) crossing to the schools

In addition to the points raised above many people have asked why the Sandpiper site at Plaisance Vinery could not be used for the accommodation.
Also why was Sandpiper not used for ether the Asphalt or Concrete plants, as a fairer way of sharing a little of the load with the already burdened Forest Parish.

It was strongly felt that alternative accommodation already exists at The Manor near Petit Bot and other hotels and lodgings on the island. For your information a delegation from the Forest Douzaine attended an open evening at The Manor to view the improvements that have been made to the premises. The Douzaine were favourably impressed with what they saw.

Another very strong concern raised at tonight’s meeting was that it has been rumoured that the life of La Villiaze might be extended if Lagan were to win other capital projects currently in the pipeline. If this were the case then the inconvenience of the workers living at the site could be extended for another two or more years almost turning the temporary site into a permanent encampment.

Whilst we accept that the Airport project must go ahead it is for the benefit of the whole island and the Forest Douzaine strongly feels that the whole of the island should share the burden of accommodating the workers for this project not just the Forest Parish.

Yours sincerely

Pierre Paul Jonathan Le Moignan

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