Letter to Invironment

October 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm. States & Douzaine.

From: Bob and Sally Paine
Sent: 17 October 2011 18:22
To: ‘davidgorvel@yahoo.co.uk’
Cc: ‘the’
Subject: La Villiaze Vinery
Dear Dave
I understand that the Forest Douzaine have not, as yet, made any public comment or representation to Environment regarding the application for permission to erect temporary workers accommodation at La Villiaze Vinery and the construction of batching plants on land opposite the airport.
I think most people would agree that the airport runway needs to be renewed and extended. However, as a household that is directly affected by these proposals we must point out that it seems there has been confusion regarding the major scheme and subsequent ancillary proposals such as the two mentioned. The siting of the workers accommodation and concrete batching plant are in situations where permission would have been most unlikely to be granted under existing island wide law; so it looks like there has been a bending of the rules going on in order to assist the main contractors. It seems the decision has been taken in the best interests of cost and efficiency for the main contractors and with little regard to the quality of life and effects on nearby residents.

Either this element was not considered by the contractors in formulating their bid and they should bear the consequences of their negligence, or, more worryingly, they were told by the clients that it was a factor that would be sorted out in their favour later.

The silence of the Douzaine seems extraordinary. The Forest Douzaine had plenty to say about other major projects in the parish such as the sewage emptying facility, the new school, Jacksons Garage, etc. We wonder why this is so.

Finally, it surely be the case that any members of the Douzaine that have direct financial interest in the approval of these proposals should admit this and not take part in any vote.
Yours sincerely

Bob and Sally Paine

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