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October 19, 2011 at 3:32 pm. States & Douzaine.

Richard Lord
I did record the planning meeting. Environment Department’s Chief Officer came to me and asked me at the end of the Planning meeting if I recorded it. I told him I had. He said he wanted it deleted and he would meet me afterwards to make sure that I had deleted the recording. He told me that if I didn’t delete the recording I would be barred from all future planning meetings. I took notes as well and told him that I was only using the recording to make sure my notes were accurate. I gave him an assurance that the recording would not be shared. I have a low opinion of this open government we are meant to have. I have been told by a senior government official that Freedom of information is expensive but I don’t think it need be. The truth is that there are elements of the Guernsey government that don’t want freedom of information simply because they have matters they wish to hide from the public. At the planning meeting the principal planning officer gave a good account of herself but the Board, in the words of one deputy, asked feeble questions. In my opinion only Deputy Le Sauvage on the Board asked probing questions. In summing up the Board’s majority view, led by the Minister, is that we are to rely on PSD, the contractor, and Environmental Health to hope that this whole process is well executed. I got the impression that the details of the Construction Environmental Management Plan and the Traffic management plan have not been fully worked out yet. There appear to be details that still need to be worked out such as the form of the three way junction by the airport entrance and an alternate route for the trucks if the planned route is not available. What every Board member stated is that this airport runway development is going to impact every Island residents.

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