Plumley Land Accomodation

October 17, 2011 at 10:33 pm. States & Douzaine.

Ref: FULL/2011/1781

Airport pavements rehabilitation and associated works


Dears Sirs
                    The Forest Douzaine after having open peoples meeting and Drop-ins for Parishioners failed to put in comments by the due date.As the Forest is one of the consultees to this 80 million plus airport development with the greatest environmental impact, I believe we should have responded on their behalf.
My opinion as a douzainier we have let down our 2,500 parishioners by making no comments and they should not suffer by ithis.
I will put the points that were put at the Parish Meeting of Monday September 12th at La Chambre de La Douzaine, Foret and also letters and comments to myself.
1. The Douzaine has not seen any letters from the CAA about levelling the runway and have asked Deputies at Douzaine meetings they have attended.
So far not one Deputy has seen the contents to say this has to be done.

There has been no plane accident that has been caused by the runway or the level, or any letter from the CAA saying this.

2a. This is why  we are told we need these 28,000 lorry movement carrying 350,000 tons of imported stone coming from Longue Hougue to La Bourg, Forest and then back empty via town and St Martins to Longue Hougue. This will cause damage to roads, banks, walls, services and property on this route.

The allowance of 1.5 million in repairs could be short by as much as 20 million. If not put in the contact it could most likely be put on extra consumer service costs, so you may pay as a taxpayer or as a consumer.
With these 28,000, 25,000+ more deliverery of supplies, concrete, asphalt, portacabins, workers etc., mostly past two schools and a play group school. It will be dangerous for parents, teachers, pedristrians and cyclists in this area.
3. Why is it that the concrete plant and asphalt and accommodation could all be in this small area?
Why was not some of this put down at Sandpiper vinery at La Plaisance, St Peters?
Will all these plants have acoustic fencing for noise, as they are all close to housing, shops, Airport and schools?

Also the dust and contaminates in the air will be of concern.

2b. The Forest Douzaine,  Forest School and the Rondin have been very concerned about the traffic past these for over 11 years and insist that we will be involved and listened to on discussions on traffic matters with this road and though to La Bourg.
4. The area identified sits within the Rural Area Plan (RAP) immediately adjacent to areas identified as areas of High Landscape Quality. The RAP Written Statement makes the point;
 Non-designated areas
The remainder of the Plan carries no specific designation and is left white on the Proposals Map. The emphasis within these parts of the Plan will be on maintaining and enhancing the openness of the countryside and on safeguarding areas of agricultural land.
The policies of the Plan make provision for some limited forms of development in these areas, primarily through redevelopment and conversion works. Under no circumstances can this application be deemed as “maintaining and enhancing the openness of the countryside” nor indeed “safeguarding areas of agricultural land.” Nor can the proposals be deemed as “limited.”.
Once again, as in the case of the primary application for the redevelopment of the airport, the applicant appears to be trying to influence your department to make decisions based upon the premise that the work is urgent and we cannot afford to “not approve” the submission. This is not a credible approach where planning policies and laws are concerned. Applications need to be assessed based upon the law and previously agreed policies. Stated policy from your department with respect to vinery sites is that they should revert to agricultural use if not in active horticultural use. The Written Statement also states that the primary aim of the RAP is, amongst others;1.5, 1): promoting the conservation and enhancement of the rural environment; The prolonged nature of this “temporary” development will have a lasting impact upon the area generally and the immediate environment in particular. It cannot be regarded as fulfilling the conservation and enhancement objective.

Yours Faithfully


Vice Dean of the Forest Douzaine






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