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July 6, 2011 at 3:35 pm. Letters to Media.

One of the main issues which keeps coming up about so many States decisions is, can we not make quicker ones, not keep changing and staying with these decisions, so the cost does not keep going up. This is a comment made by local business, a few previous and present States Members and the public.
I agree with making quicker decisions, but also making the best informed one.
It would be better if departments when collating facts for spending and other proposals were not so economical with the truth.
They should like business, do a proper plan with all relating facts and figures meaning all the pros and all the cons, but not just those to suit their own committee views.
With information, so readily available for the general public and a more investigative press, States decisions, if not factually correct are delayed, changed or overturned.
When this continues, the electorates confidence in the States and Deputies declines.
On the matter of the now finished Waste Strategy Work Shops.
We now have the four shortlisted options and Scenario A came out top, just in both workshops.
We have the following scenarios.
Will we enforce the “polluter pays” or continue dialogue with all and sundry? Talk is cheap, but getting rid of rubbish is not.
Will we enforce the reduction of unnecessary packaging, like Europe does or continue to talk?
Will we keep paying for rubbish by the size of your TRP or what you leave out or encourage the recycler, before he gets fed up?
           This is getting more and more popular with a growing number of people, but we do need a large inside space for this.
In vessel composting among them is popular.
Could we not use more of the food waste (not meat or fish) for local meat production?
I keep pigs and feed all the green waste, vegetable, fruit, some weeds and bread to mine.
They also are best kept like sheep, on waste cliff land which is not used for agriculture or farming.
The thing with all these options is, there will always be some waste leftover, even if we can get up to 70% recycling, from the present, including commercial, 40%.
So ultimately we will have three single or joint solutions, incineration, off Island or Quarry fill to sort out what is left.
 Incineration would mean having two sites one for now at Longue Hougue and another elsewhere to use for a new incinerator in 25 or 30 years time. We would still have 25% ash left after each burn to get rid of, so quarry fill will always be used.
Off island, Jersey or elsewhere, but whether we can send and the cost after many email and verbal enquiries from me have met with silence or still in discussions and  have been kept from the workshops.
Quarry Fill
Historically we had about 325 of these from our times of exporting stone. They have been used for water storage by the Water board (about 16) with the St Saviours Reservoir and many more are in private use.
Many Quarry’s like St Germain, Bordeaux and the Rocque Balan (Vale Primary School playing field) to name a few, have been used for dumping our waste.
We still have a small one at Chouet which was filled with the Torrey Canyon oil and Les Vardes, which was at one time for waste, but was changed to use for water to add to the 14 months of existing storage.
I have as a Forest Douzaine member, been involved since the first 1996
 Waste Strategy 1.
It has come around full circle, with almost the same options, conclusions and tribulations as in the start of 1996.
I would also thank all the facilitators and staff for all the hard work put in by them. Dealing with so many different opinions, questions and suggestions could not have been easy.
At start of the workshops that all options were on the table and nothing was ruled out, but at the final ones I believe it changed.
The incinerator was pushed at every opportunity and even a micro 30,000 ton was mentioned.
We have been slow to enforce prevention (polluter pays) getting rid of unnecessary packaging and for years dragging our feet over recycling.
I believe have been and still are being guided towards incineration.
What came out in the last meeting was there are three groups.
The rock solid supporters of incineration, the nothing else but 100% recycling will do and the third smaller one of some compromises to suit are unique Island situation.
The sad thing for me is the last two have most of the ideals of which I believe in and will lose, but the first is the more united and will win.
But will this mean Guernsey people winning or losing!


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