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November 30, 2010 at 2:16 pm. Growing.

If you wish to get local produce where are the places you can you get it from.
These are some of the places to buy from and it will be my personal opinion of those who I think support local growers.

Saumarez Farmers Market ( March to October) and St. Martins Parish Hall(October to March)
This is a summer and winter market which operates all year every week Saturday 9am to 12.15pm.
If you wish to have a stall at the market, for further details contact  Welcome to Sausmarez Manor

Catel Farmers Market.
 At Le Friquet Garden Centre. It is all year round, every fortnight, Saturday all day from 8.30am ( example Nov. 27th, Dec. 11th and so on) 
If you want to have a stall, for further details contact  

Vale Country Market 
At the Vale Douzaine Room, Maritaine Rd. Vale  Tel. 244155
This on every Friday from 9.30am to 10.30am

St Peters Country MarketW.I.Market
At the Community Hut, Route de Longfrie, St. Pierre du Bois ( behind St. Peters Post Office.
open on Wednesday 10am to 11.00am

Tostevin’s Stall
Rue du Manoir, Forest. This is open every Saturday from 8am to 4pm selling their locally grown vegetables.
They also operate a hedge veg stall that is also along the Rue du Manior and sells from Monday to Friday
It is a long established  family growing business that has been doing this in the Forest, for almost time memorable.

Clarie Lesbirel Stall
This is along Plaisance Rd, St Pierre du Bois ( halfway between Plasiflora Hotel and St Peters Food Hall). It is a very popular Veg Stall and sell from two portacabins.
It is open every day apart from Sunday.

Forest Stores
This store is the Bievenu  family run business,which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It was started by their late father Norman and is now by Keith and Denis.
It is hard to categorize this store and it could be called a corner shop, delicatessen or supermarket.
What it certainly does is stock and sell a large amount of local products. Jason Hamons is the chief butcher there and sells his own produce delicious pork there also.

Co. Op Ltd
They have made it their priority to source as much local produce and products as possible to sell in their outlets.
This is a company that when it says it wants to sell local it really means it and they talk on a regular basis to their  suppliers to help them achieve this.
Over the years I have heard lots of companies use this as PR, but Co. Op. are true to their word. www.ci-cooperative.com 

Le Hechet Farm
Le Hechet Farm, Le Hechet RD., Catel tel 263425 or Mob 0778163425
In 2006 Julian Ogier of Le Hechet Farm spotted a commercial ice-cream maker in the Farmer’s Weekly magazine and before he knew it his family was producing 200 litres of creamy Guernsey ice-cream a week and now have a menu of thirty different flavours!
Julian has over 130 Guernsey cows on his 300 vergee farm and it’s a real family business with his wife Rachel, her sister Katherine, as well as her husband Steve, all priding themselves on getting the milk to ice-cream within an hour and with no artificial colours or preservatives used.
Within the thirty flavours which they offer are the usual favourites like vanilla and strawberry. However, there are also peanut butter, cinamon and ginger flavours, which are a little more unusual. If you have a particular favourite or unusual request Le Hechet may be willing to put a batch of ice-cream together for you.
The farm also has chickens and due to plenty of eggs, meringues are produced and sold which are extremely popular – especially with some lovely Farmhouse ice-cream!   From Good food Guernsey

Guernsey Dairy  Web:   www.guernseydairy.com/

Crab Cabin
Les Abreuveurs, S.S   Selling fresh local picked or whole shell fish. Open to public Mon to Sat or Tel:  01481259814

Faulkner Fisheries Ltd
Fish Quay, St. P P,  Tel 07781111826

Castle Emplacement, St P P  Tel 01481722707

Rocquaine Sea Farm
Melrose, Rte De Pleinmont, Tort Tel. 07781401152 or email: info@rocquaineseafarms.com

Guernsey Organics
These growers produce organic produce for the Co. Op., Forest Stores, Hotels, Restruants and farmer Markets. mob. 07781 435 395 email: guernseyorganic@cwgsy.net   Guernsey Organics

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