Burning the beef

November 6, 2010 at 2:13 pm. Letters to Media.

Who’s ringing now?

Hello Jamie what’s that Eustace phoned you, and what did he say? Oh he read in the Guernsey Press and it said “we are burning 450 Guernsey cows?
Well he has got a bit of a bee in his bonnet over this.
We are not actually burning the beef, like you might over cook it. It is only fair to say we have some excellent chefs here and some of the best restaurants and eating places and they know like you how to cook. This added to a beautiful Island friendly people and some of the best scenery in the world, makes it not a bad place to live.
I have to get my breath back after that.
What Eustace really meant was that we are incinerating, as in up in smoke.
Yes Jamie you are right it’s better we eat it, even if it was a bit burnt.
Did you say why do we not have the opportunity eat the beef instead and are we stupid to do this?
That may take a while a lot of explaining and you better sit down and not get to excited. I know that you and Rick rave about Guernsey Beef and Rick l believe even tested 10 top chefs with, different steaks purchased from different shops. That said, 7 of the chefs said Guernsey beef with its marble fat melting into the succulent steak, tasted the best. I hope you’re sitting down, because thinking about the thought of tasting Guernsey beef, l am now.

What Eustace said we could not eat our beef because of the EU food and hygiene requirements, but we are bringing in beef and other meat from around the world?
He also said that we are importing beef from Botswana when they are starving and an affluent Island likes ours is incinerating it. Yes he also told me it was bonkers as well, but when he said we were getting rid of the incinerator. He did mean the other one that we were getting, and then we threw it out and then tried to bring it back, but threw it out again. It is confusing for Eustace and it was for me trying to explain it, but l hope it’s not like a boomerang and comes back again.
Need to say almost had one incinerator that we threw out costing 70 million and the other burning the cows costing 5 million so far. This is when the States are saying we want to spend money on revenue streams. Looks like the tides out on this one.
Its like people have been saying, “This is the worst States ever”, but you have to fair to the last one and the one before that, and they might have something to say about it. Also the States members who have stepped down are saying it is the worst and they were in one of them over the previous 12 years. When you speak to Jersey people and tell them we have the worst States ever. You get into an argument, with them insisting,”you must be joking yours can not as bad as ours”.

I best get serious again and tell you what has been done over the last 10 years, as to give you a full picture.
In the last 10 years 2,000 cows (of over 30 months have to be tested for BSE) have been incinerated that amounts to over £3,000,000 in beef and £2,000,000 in compensation and incineration costs. This is an average of 450 cows per year, with 300 which could be used for eating value retail about £500,000. Also we have cost with compensation to farmers and burning costs of £235,000.

All the 2,000 cows had to individual have their brain stem tested for BSE causative agent, and hung for up to 10 days. In each of the 2,000 cases, over those years, none has tested positive. The problem was
prior to this when animal waste, were mixed in the feed. Since this was stopped from 2000, no cases of BSE have been found in Guernsey cows.
Yes Jamie, Eustace is right, but also wrong as well, by saying if we hung them in a cold store for the 3 days we could eat them. He is right to say that if we spent £30,000 to £40,000, the average Guern would love to cook it, put it on his plate and eat our meat. Eustace was telling me the Guernsey beef will get more difficult to find than the ormer.
Where the wrong is, that we have an old Abattoir and we have the EU poking their noses in, and making us import beef and incinerate yours. We import the EU requirements and regulations via the UK and add more of ours to them and making it even more restrictive. If it is only requirements and regulations, but not law, since all the beef would be eaten in Guernsey do we have to ask the EU.
Some of the States call this progress, but l will not tell you the words Eustace used.
It is not like the good old days when we used those parts of the laws from the UK that suited and benefited us. The trouble is now we use all the law and add a bit on for good measure.
Shame those good old days have gone
We have been talking about a new abattoir for 25 years now, and it looks like it now it will be closed in 2012. Of course if we do not build a new one, we may have to send the cows to Jersey. It could be ironic that the crapos, could be eating our beef, but then we could send our rubbish to them to get our own back.
As for the EU, it is like Eustace said you can go to the French markets and buy what you want, Fresh fish, meat, live chickens, not in Guernsey. You can stay in Gites, Hotels, Chambre Hote and Caravan sites that would be banned in our Island. He also said, no wonder we have no where for the visitors to stay and I have to agree with him that we are better Europeans than the French, even those we are not supposed to be in the EU.
Sorry l was rambling on a bit, but sometimes the stupidity of the situation we have now makes your blood boil or is it burn.
One of the funny things that was sent to Eustace from the States Dept responsible is the following quote:
“These restrictions are imposed by the Island Heath authorities and are in accord with EU food and meat hygiene requirements. These regulations will not be relaxed as far as we know and exist to protect the health and wellbeing of the Islands population”.
Of course this comes from the people who banned bent cucumbers and bananas, but have now, unbanned malformed fruit. It certainly like Eustace said “makes all of us feel so much safer, with these people looking after our health”, but he still misses the Guernsey beef.
These are the MPs, MEPs and civil servants, who have been taking allowances for cleaning moats, duck ponds and second houses they rent out.
Eustace could understand MPs, promoting places after being given luxurious paid holidays, but he could not work how an ex labour minister wanted £3,000 a day for renting is cab.
We are being told by everybody, that the EU has not had its accounts signed by any commissioner for over 15 years, because of all the corruption and bribery. Should we be taking orders and incineration our quality beef, from this shower?
I will have to go now as a have a nice piece of Guernsey pork in the oven, don’t want it to incinerate. Doing too much of that at the moment, without my help.
You might like to know Jamie, there is a large number of small holders now and starting to produce more. There will be an increasing amount of lamb, pork, chicken, beef and turkey around in a few years time. Can you keep it to yourself, if the EU found out, might be another case of forcing us to incinerate and import instead.

That’s if we do not have to send that to Jersey as well. Still that will make us very popular, sending all our best meat, but we can import of
course. Perhaps Jersey may have too much of our meat and sell it back to us. There must be some kind of logic in doing that and l will try to work it out with the help of Mr Spock.
Funny thing is I went to a meeting with Patrick Holden and likeminded people at Les Cotils, to discuss food security and sustainability for our Island. Perhaps I should have invited some of the pro incineration lobby along. Another thing to add to that is the States have a business plan and one of them is to be more sustainable in local products. Just have this problem getting round it, when we may be sending it all to Jersey
Really must go now, I have a call on the other line. It is a Padstow number, it must be Rick, bet you Eustace has phoned him as well and been telling him.
Will have to go now, as a have a nice piece of Guernsey pork in the oven, don’t want it to incinerate. Too much of that is happening at the moment, without my help
With the pork to come out, I will have to just tell Rick it is all an Aprils Fool’s Joke, nobody in their right mind would believe this story.
Just hope nobody from Jersey finds out about this, we will definitely have to send the rubbish to them to shut them up.

Bye for now Jamie.