“Still burnning the beef”

November 5, 2010 at 6:57 pm. Letters to Media.

“Still burning the beef”
I put an article in the press of 28/3/2010 which was titled ” Burning the Beef”
There has been no change since that date and has cost another £500,000 of incinerated good quality beef, £ 165,000 of incineration costs and £67,000 of compensation.

Comments to my questions?

To answer the points you raise I would concur with Mr Gorvel and others that the rules in the UK are different to ours in Guernsey. The Department is also aware that 30 months is not an optimum age for slaughter for beef in view of the speed of development of Guernsey cattle.
However, we are unable to operate a slaughter facility at the present time to handle cattle over 30 months of age in view of the lack of suitable facilities at the current slaughterhouse.
Slaughter of animals over 30 months and up to 48 months without subsequent brain tissue testing) require a suitable cutting facility room that can be used for the safe removal of the vertebral column which is classified as “Specified Risk Material”. We simply do not have such a facility and hence we are limited by the terms of our licence, which is the responsibility of the Environmental Health Section of the Health and Social Services Department”.)

My response.
“From the 1st of January 2009 DEFRA had raised it from 30 months to 48 months.”
If we had done the same, we could have been
eating all our own Guernsey beef
It also should be asked, that if we do not export beef, do we have to apply all these unnecessary laws for consumption in Guernsey?)

All we need is a large cold store divided in half to incorporate a preparation area, which would cost from £4,000 to £10,000

Still more costly bunkum
(“We have worked very closely with the Environmental Health Officers on this and other matters connected with the slaughter house and these problems have lain behind our longstanding proposal to build a new slaughterhouse for Guernsey, which will allow suitable cattle of any age to be handled in full compliance with modern food hygiene standards”.)

My response
I believe that before we can build a new slaughter and replace the old one, which has been there and used without many problems, for over 150 years. We have to decide the waste strategy and what and where the building go first.
The question is how long will this take?
As for the “food hygiene standards”, I firmly believe that they are far Superior to Botswana or Argentina.
My personal opinion, is that l would rather eat Lovely Guernsey beef with that delicious yellow fat and perhaps a freedom of chose, might be a good thing.

The down side and the cost of not doing any of these things, so as we can eat are own beef.
Is the following estimate of cost per year and it also puts in perspective after the States debated £230,000 for Bowel Cancer

450 cows, with 350 can be used = £500,000.
cost of incineration 450 cows @ £350 each = £157,500
Cost of compensation 450 cows @ £150 = £ 67, 500
Total =£750,000

After my letter is published that is it for me, if States Members can sit around and allow this waste, so be it.
A La Perchoine?
Dave Gorvel

P.S. Since this has been written another steer from Herm of about 1,000 lbs has been incinerated.

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